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Introduction to Athletics Gauteng North (AGN)


For more than fifty years Athletics Gauteng North (formerly Northern Transvaal) has been one of the leading athletics provinces in South Africa.

Northern Transvaal Amateur Athletics now Athletics Gauteng North has a long sporting history as far back as 1934.

Transvaal became officially part of the National governing athletics body at the Annual General Meeting of the South African Amateur Athletics and Cycling Association of 1935 in Pretoria. The meeting took place at Pretoria’s Polley’s Hotel on Easter Friday, 19 April and coincided with the 1935 South African Amateur Athletics and Cycling Association Championships held at the Caledonian grounds (situated behind the current Sterland).

Until that time Transvaal Amateur Athletics and Cycling Association were affiliated to the South African Amateur Athletics and Cycling Association with Southern and Northern Transvaal as most important areas. It was not possible to trace the actual formation of the Northern District Association.

In October 1934 Transvaal requested the National Association to grant separate affiliation to the two Transvaal regions (i.e. Southern and Northern Transvaal). The separation proposal was tabled before the 1935 AGM that was held in Pretoria during the weekend of the 33rd SA Championships.

It was agreed that two bodies would replace Transvaal and separated affiliation was granted unanimously to the new Northern Transvaal Province after a short discussion.

In 1993 the unity talks (initiatives) to bring the three associations together began between the established and none-established sectors. The established sector were predominantly whites whereas the none-established sector were Africans, Coloureds and Indians (Blacks).

The Northern Transvaal Marathon Association, Northern Transvaal Cross Country Association and Northern Transvaal Amateur Track and Field Association operated separate bank accounts, offices and constitutions. The delegates at the first unity talks meetings were faced with a mammoth task to allay fears of the three Associations insecurities and to give assurances that they will enjoy equal services and opportunities.

On the 29th November 1994, unity agreement was signed in Pretoria between Northern Transvaal Road Running Association (whites) and Northern Transvaal Amateur Athletics Congress (blacks) to become Athletics Northern Transvaal Road Running. This followed almost a yearlong negotiating process, but both parties agreed that it was in the best interest of Sports, instead of signing an agreement without clearing important issues.

Road Running in Northern Transvaal would be known as Athletics Northern Transvaal Road Running, This body was managed by an interim committee consisting of dual management for a period of twelve months. The changes were in line with the new dispensation in South African Athletics.

In 1996 the restructuring process was completed and Athletics Gauteng North emerged as the new organization after a successful integration of the three commissions’ offices into one office situated at the new headquarters at Pilditch Athletics Stadium in Pretoria West. The integrated financial system was also in place to ensure sound financial management with three full time staff members.

Since then Athletics Gauteng North has always produced some of the finest athletes in the country and many leading members of national representative teams in all sections of the sport. Transformation and unity being at the top of the agenda.

AGN has already produced some of the finest athletes in the country such as Llewellyn Herbert - 400mh, Hendrick Mokganyetsi - 400m, Jacques Freitag - High Jump, Geraldine Pillay - 100m & 200m, Shadrack Hoff - 5000m, Dikeledi Moropane - 100m, and many leading members of national teams in all sections of the sport.

The past year has been no exception and the trend is expected to continue in years to come.

AGN has been consistent in winning medals at all ASA Championships (i.e. Senior, Junior & Youth.)

AGN has produced athletes at National level who have contributed to making the country proud.

AGN strives to create an enabling environment for the country’s elite athletes to achieve their best performances whilst on the other hand creating opportunities for tourism development and economic spin-offs for the people of Tshwane.

Athletics Gauteng North is based at Pilditch Athletics stadium, in the western suburbs of the Administrative Capital of South Africa, next to the Tshwane Business and Agricultural Centre (Tshwabac).

Tshwane is a prime destination for business and diplomatic corps.

We are conveniently situated close to the CBD just a stones throw away from world class hotels, guest houses, shopping centres, universities, public and private hospitals and places of cultural interest.


The management of AGN is constituted by a well representative governance structure as follows:

AGN Board


AGN Commissions

  • Cross Country
  • Road Running
  • Track & Field


Standing Committees

  • Technical Officials Committee
  • Coaches Committee
  • Development Committee



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