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Last updated 1 NOV 2016.


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Sat 19/11/2016   

TOM JENKINS RACE  10km and 21.1 km


Union Buildings  


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WALKING LEAGUE RESULTS after the ANDREW GREYLING race on 17/9/2016. 







Walking League Final Results 2015


Division 1:


Champions  :  Irene (194.5 points)

Runners-up :  RWFL (193.5.points)


Relegated to Div. 2 :

   RWFL C and Irene B


Division 2.


Champions   :Resbank (168 points)

Runners-up  :Nedbank (128.5 points)


2016 - promoted to Div 1.  Resbank and Nedbank.


Relegated to Div 3 ... all on zero (0) points

  FSB      Maritimo     Runavation     Sabs Striders     Shosholoza


Division 3


Champions :  Affies  (148.5)

Runners-up : Corr. Serv (137.5)


2016 - promoted to Div 2

   Affies   Ace    Corr Serv   Mamelodi    PvR 


Sincerely hope there are not too many mistakes  ... 



Thanks and

God Bless 





Congratulations to all the 2014 winners

Walking League 






Div 1




Div 2



promoted to Div 1

Div 3


Education Athletics

promoted to Div 2


Relegation From



Div 1



relegated to Div 2

Div 2



relegated to Div 3


The response from the vast majority of you has been very good for which I say thank you. God Bless you in 2015 and may you enjoy injury free running and reach all those goals that you set yourself.


God Bless







 Current AGN Walking League format


AGN Walking League Changes for 2014.

  • As at the end of the 2013 league season the walking league will be divided up into 3 divisions based on the finishing positions at the end of the 2013 league races. From 2014 onwards there will therefore be a Div 1 and a Div 2 each of which will have 20 clubs in them and Div 3 will have the remainder.
  • Once the total points have been calculated for each club, a sort is done, listing the clubs from most to least number of points. In Div 1 and Div 2 the clubs with the most points will then each be allocated 20 league points, the next 19 points and so on down. In Div 3 the club with the most points will be allocated 40 points, the next 39 and so on down. The reason for the 40 points is that there are about 25 clubs in Div 3 and as new clubs get affiliated they will go into Div 3. The league log is then based on the total number of league points each club has accumulated.
  • In each of the three (3) divisions, no points will be scored if a club does not participate.
  •  At the end of the league season the top 2 clubs of Div 2 and Div 3 will be promoted to Div 1 and Div 2 respectively.
  • The bottom 2 clubs in Div 1 and Div 2 will at the same time be relegated to Div 2 and Div 3 respectively.
  • In the case of a tie in the number of league points for any one of the above scenarios, the total points accrued over the year will be used to decide which clubs will go up or down as the case may be.



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PLEASE NOTE that Ken has kindly added a new feature to these League Logs that will enable clubs to see at a glance how their standing has evolved over the year.

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