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If at any time it seems as though ANY Web page (including this one) is not reflecting changes that you expect should have been made, it is likely that your browser is displaying an old version that has been cached locally in the Temporary Internet Files directory on your hard drive.

If you REFRESH the Web page (Ctrl-F5 may be necessary) then the expected updates should appear.

In isolated cases you may need to clear your cache to see the expected updated page.

This works differently (but similarly) in different browsers - but in Internet Explorer go to TOOLS in the top menu, then INTERNET OPTIONS (the last option at the bottom) and then under GENERAL (which will open by default) select DELETE under BROWSING HISTORY (in the middle).

Then close your browser and when you open it again it won't load all the stored history of Web pages that you have recently visited into the cache, but will instead be forced to check the Web server for the latest version of the Web page, and the expected changed Web page should be displayed.

(But all of this is generally unlikely to be needed - mostly REFRESH should be enough to display the latest, updated, version of the Web page that you were expecting).

If you do nothing, eventually the cached copy in your Temporary Internet Files will expire and then you will eventually see the updated Web page.

If you don't want to lose the cached copies of the Web pages that you have visited recently, just using a different browser (say CHROME instead of IE) that has NOT been used recently to view the Web page will also display the updated Web page from the Web server immediately, since there will be nothing in the local cache to use.

The purpose of the local cache is to speed up loading of recently visited Web pages slightly, because it is obviously a bit quicker to read a stored Web page from your local hard drive than it is to go and fetch it over the Internet.




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